FIFA boss Blatter resigned mishandled corruption scandal

Zurich. President of FIFA Sepp Blatter has resigned from his post. This was announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Zurich.

“I Futbalu sacrificed forty years of my life. And I’ve always wanted to do for it only the best,” said Blatter Daily Mirror. World Sepp Blatter.

“The elections are completed, but the challenges we face. FIFA needs a restructuring,” he added.According to him, the election of the new president will take place as soon as possible.

The new president should elect a congress that could take place between December 2015 and March 2016. “I’m calling an extraordinary congress to elect a new president,” Blatter added.

FIFA is preparing for the electoral congress for at least four months, “said Dominique Scala, head of the FIFA Independent Audit Commission.

The next regular Congress of Congress will be held in Mexico in May 2016.” That would mean unnecessary delays, “he said Blatter.

In the FIFA chairman’s chair, Blatter chose only last week on Friday.Although they won the elections, he admitted that his mandate lacks support the entire football world.

The election was accompanied by corruption scandal, when investigators before the FIFA Congress in Zurich arrested seven officials of the organization. Sepp Blatter notice of resignation.

Blatter will hold office until the election of his successor. “We need time to find the best possible candidate for this post. I take a seat available,” he says.

“I fought hard for change and reform. But I can not do it alone. I’m back with the Federation and its interests.I want to thank my supporters and those who accompanied me on my way. “

Blatter has led FIFA since 1998 – when replacing João Havelangea. In recent years, however, faced great criticism. His opponents blaming burgeoning corruption .

Large concerns are mainly about the election world cup 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.The last affair faces charges total of fourteen officers, arrested seven straight in Zurich.

Swiss Prosecutor General’s Office, however, shortly after the notification of intention to resign confirmed that Blatter in connection with recent scandal not investigate.

“It was difficult but brave, courageous and correct decision,” he said in a first reaction to the decision Blatterovo president of the European Football Union (UEFA) Michel Platini.

“The pressure was too much. He would never have found peace, either to blame or not,” said the legendary German Franz Beckenbauer, who supported Blatter.

“I hope that football can now recover.I think it’s a good report for football in the world, “he said on Tuesday evening for the agency,” I think it’s a good report for football in the world, “said the British minister for culture, media and sports Johnn Whittingdale. SITA President SFZ Ján Kováčik.

“Mr. Blatter deserved to leave with more dignity. In those 40 years, who has been in various positions in the International Football Federation, he has done a lot of good work for world football. On the other hand, the pressure could not stand. He has a whole Europe against him, for most of the European Football League (UEFA) countries have opposed his continuation as President of FIFA, “he added. Blatter has been working for FIFA since 1975.Initially responsible for development projects. Since 1981 he was Secretary General and seventeen years handed Havelangea. Media review: