Monthly Archives: August 2017

Dukla is different and wins. The toys replaced Holenda’s strength and Sparta’s talent

New Dukla is formed. What should be? Fast, straightforward, more action-oriented than curly. The offspring of the offensive creatives of Néstor, Čajič, Manzio, Beauguel or Považan and the lack of points in the autumn forced the adjustment of the strategy.

The famous Knicks do it! Club legend in handcuffs, fans go against the owner

The renowned New York Knicks brand gets the basketball NBA right behind her ears. Not only is the team well below the turn to play off and the club president is openly opposed to the biggest star of the team.

The surprise did not happen, Koukal passed Solnicki and has the 18th title

Jan Koukal won his eighteenth title at the squash championship in the Czech Republic on Sunday. In the final, he made a 3-0 tie to Jakub Solnicky after a clear run. The goal of Koukal is to win twenty Republican

NHL ONLINE Transfers: Ottawa and New Jersey teams changed after closing

The basic part of the year 2016/17 is slowly coming to an end and it is becoming clearer who is preparing to play off and who is likely to just stay ahead of the gates. There is also a transfer

Базалы они оживают. В Остраве учебный центр будет построен на 201 миллионов

Острава футбольный стадион Базалы масштабная реконструкция ждет более 200 миллионов человек. Спорт бы к концу следующего года, следует включить учебный полигон и объекты для футбольной академии, которая будет работать талантливых молодых игроков со всего региона, он сообщил сегодня журналистам бет365

Just wait, wolves. The Futsalists of Chrudim have a gold medal

On Sunday, Chrudim will face the 10-time champion of the Chrudim, who managed to turn the gold first-league series from 0: 1 to 2: 1. Teplicka Balticflora beat the grandmaster twice in the main part, out 3: 2 and home