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The teammates celebrate jubilant Messi: Can play 200 or 300 matches if they want

VIA DEL MAR – Lionel Messi has 100 starts in the jersey of the Argentine national team. The jubilee match was played by FC Barcelona on Saturday at the 44th Copa America against Jamaica. Argentina has won 1: 0 and

Hantuch através de Čeng Čeng para as quartas de final em Carlsbad

CARLSBAD – Eslovaco tenista Daniela Hantuchová implantado como o oitavo ganhou a reunião osemfinálového 3ª rodada do WTA Torneio Mercury Insurance Open em Carlsbad, Califórnia, a dupla semifinalista do Grand Slam Zheng Jie da China para 136 minutos 6: 2,

The winning daviscup tradition goes – every day one point

BRATISLAVA – Result 1: 1 after the first day of the Davis Cup finals between Slovak and Croatian tennis players qualifies both parties and also shifts the results to Sunday. The captain of the two teams, however, also knows that

Bauer was injured again, the introduction of the World Cup of Runners would be without him

Bauer has a good summer preparation, but at the end of October he broke his left thumb. The silver medalist from classical fifty only stripped off gypsum last week and was about to start the season, but two days later

Závadová and Micka will be defeated at the European Championship final

Jan Micka is also in the finals of the crawling foursides. His eighth best debut performance has a value of 3: 43,04 minutes, improving his personal record by two and a half seconds, and a 1.07 seconds behind the 2002

Piešťany did not have a chance at home, and Košice scored five goals

PIEŠŤANY – The home “havrani” welcomed the vicemajstra and the leading team of the table from Kosice on their ice and, without respect, they left for them. Already in the middle of the 3rd minute Haring drew on the right

Hunchback in both ladders on the 14th place

LONDON – The best Slovakian tennis player Dominik Hrbatý has dropped one position in both single ladders and is currently in the ATP Entry for this year’s championship Champions Race. He is the 14th. ATP Entry retained the first quarter,

The anger of Czech Omska Coach: The Slovak Baran is afraid of what will happen to him

BRATISLAVA – The Twelfth Place of the Eastern Conference means dissatisfaction.Because Avantgard Omsk has one of the highest budgets in the whole KHL, he was thinking of the title before the season and is now far away from playoff. =

Eleven goals in Trenčín: Dukla in the masked jerseys shot Poprad

TRENČÍN – Trenčania had a fairy tale entry. In the sixth minute they used two hesitations in the defense of Poprad. Hudec first got to the puck and Sidora opened a score above Sidora. A moment later he added the

Moravcová as a model: The pool was replaced by a showroom

BRATISLAVA – The Redute in Bratislava celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Herial Ladies Club, organized by the presenter Alena Heriban. Also part of the rich program was a show in which Martina Moravcová swim was presented in the role