Breite after the draw at Dukla believes that Liberec will go up in the league

While Liberec’s footballers, following a 0-0 draw at the Dukla field in Prague, stayed in the first league table near the descent races, midfielder Radim Breite believes the Slovan will improve and will soon win. The 27-year-old footballer was probably closest to Julisce from the guests because he had a shot in the second half and had several other shooting attempts.

“I do not know if it’s a loss, it’s a point from the outside. The League did not start well, but now we started playing in the league, not only in the European League, but betting sider med startbonus I think we’re going to be up and running like a manchaft, and I believe we will collect the points, “Breite told reporters after the 10th. Rounds.

His hard shot at 48.A minute stopped the bar. “I do bookmakere norge not know if I was closest to the goal but I think it could have happened there We had a lot of other chances on the other side our opponent had them But we had the more puzzled more, “

” We clearly missed more emphasis: We had some bullets and centers there, it always broke but the opponent was at the ball always before, “<

The coach of Liberec, Jindřich Trpišovský, has been striving for Prague Sparta in recent weeks, but the owner of the North Bohemian club eventually did not let the coach go to Letna. Players are happy to have the coach stay. “We did not do it completely, you can not think of it, we had a lot of matches and the coach got us out of it.We were calm and focused only on football. If he went there, a lot of people would be sorry.

He stayed here, we are still on one ship and we are going further, “
said Breite.

Trpišovský also praised him for the performance against the Dukla.” I liked it today not only because three times He fired dangerously, but he worked in a huge space. He played the position of a defensive midfielder, but basically worked the entire length of the pitch and played lime-lime. I like this and gave me excellent performance, “Trpišovský said at the press conference.

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