Check out Suarez had an impact on the decline of Liverpool, says Skrtel

“failed. The objectives that we had, we did not meet. There is a big difference whether we finished fifth or sixth. To qualify for the Champions League, we could not, so this is a clear failure. “

” Certainly, last season he scored for us so many goals. He was the driving force of the team. Such a player would be missed everyone. In our squad there was a large variation of the team, come new players. It is not easy in a short time to adapt to the new conditions, acclimatize the club and get used to the new game. Therefore the first half of the season was the same as it was. Then we have indeed started to play better and the results came, but the conclusion we once again mastered. Therefore, we fared so. It’s disappointing.We can not be satisfied. “

” This is for competent people who are responsible for it. Unfortunately, the season he came out. Certainly not alone with that Balotelli is not satisfied. To be hoped that the next season will be for the club and him better. “

” He was for many years a member of our club, now leaving.”

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