Chief Judges Listkiewicz enjoying the performances of referees at the beginning of the season

Anastasia KuzminováThe new chairman of the arbitration commission Football Association of the Czech Republic Michal Listkiewicz after the first six weeks in office very happy. I am pleased that the referees make fewer mistakes than usual in other leagues, and appreciates the referees and behavior off the pitch. He admits, however, that there is still room for improvement.

“Overall I am very satisfied. Of course, some errors occurred, but that is normal. When compared to other competitions in Germany, England and Poland, so here are the mistakes less. I think England have had for two laps more errors than we did for four rounds, “said Listkiewicz today in an interview with reporters.

“I am satisfied with the referees and off the field. Especially with self-esteem, which is for referees new and now is very good. They are honest, there is self-criticism. I want to walk into the details,” said former Polish international judges who have experience from FIFA and UEFA.

That self-assessment immediately after matches introduced as a novelty. Referee using the video themselves evaluate which went wrong and where it is difficult to solve the situation well.

“The benefits it has mainly for young referees. I know it already from UEFA. Vypíchávají there moments controversial, but also good. It depends what there Referee wants to bring. It’s personal. I’m not ashamed to admit error and to evaluate it so out of it one learned their lesson, “said the most seasoned Czech referee Pavel Konigsberg, who also presented at the recent European Championships. “Man it makes the situation look again. But it is a good teaching material,” she added another experienced referee Radek Accident.

Chief Judge had today in Prague’s Strahov joint seminar devoted to the theory, while they shared athletic training under the guidance of fitness coach Jan Hanzl.

“The whole group is excellently prepared, all have met fitness tests. With me practicing once every three weeks. Otherwise train four times a week individually, but maybe Paul Konigsberg before the euro trained and biphasic,” said Hanzl.

“Our best referees exercisers are comparable to the average player in the league. The referees often naběhají and 12 kilometers per match, more than the players,” he pointed out.

JUDGE joint workouts welcome. “If more of us, it hurts less than when we train individually. My preparation is otherwise very painful. John Hanzl me prepare an individual plan. Except one day when I rehab, I practice every day,” said Konigsberg.

While previously, according to some testimony the judges there was a tense atmosphere at the seminar, is now said everything was fine. “I’m feeling good, the atmosphere is relaxed,” said Event. “In addition, positively can be evaluated first four rounds. Some mistakes were there, but it will always be. It’s a question of confidence. If we are to believe the media and the public, so everything goes better,” he added.