Dukla is different and wins. The toys replaced Holenda’s strength and Sparta’s talent

New Dukla is formed. What should be? Fast, straightforward, more action-oriented than curly. The offspring of the offensive creatives of Néstor, Čajič, Manzio, Beauguel or Považan and the lack of points in the autumn forced the adjustment of the strategy. “We will play a bit differently,” said the second coach Pavel Drsek during a tournament in Turkish Lara, where his team won all three games.

The attack is no longer lightweight technician Néstor Albiach, sprinter Aldin Čajič, nor Haban Jean- David Beauguel with a stepping stone. Dukla is back in the spring of Jan Holend’s strongman, who has to fly from sharp edges. “We took it because of nature and football qualities. He fit perfectly into the team, “Drsek praised the new mast at the tip.Around the Pilsen reinforcements will be Peter Olayinka, Jan Juroška, ​​Branislav Milosevic and Patrik Brandner, novices from Příbram.

The ambience of the league minutes is also made by the twenty-year-old Nigerian Emmanuel Edmond, who has been in the club since November. “We’ll see how long they stay here. But he gets the chance, “Drsek assured him. The same goes for Zinedine Mustedanagic, an eighteen-year-old sparrow from Sparta. “Of course he is not a finished player,” said Hynek’s aide. The talented Bosnian is happy that Dukla showed him.

She knows that he would not have a really bad spring at Summer. “I have solved my hosting in December, then something has been complicated. At the last minute, my manager called me and told me that Dukla was interested in me. I immediately agreed and now I am here.It’s a great experience for me, “he said.”

Revanvalescent Stepan Koreš, who was out of the game for the whole season, also joined the team. The league is not ready yet. “Perhaps in the spring,” Drsek waited, expecting most of the exits. Only the transfer of Jakub Považance’s midfielder to Jablonec came unexpectedly. But the team is able to cope with it. Even with Néstor’s absence? “I’m curious how he gets caught in Sparta. He had more freedom in our country, he would have to defend a lot. Especially in European Cups, “said the former Bundesliga defender.

And one more thing to the Dukla. Although it is said to be true, the main coach is Jaroslav Hynek. This fact of a year younger Drsek stressed.It is worthwhile to have the public the right thing to look at. “We have no Sparty model with the Holoub,” he said clearly. “Jarda is the main one, not only because I do not have a profi license yet. I hope to have her in the summer. Anyway, it’s like I’m an assistant. Maybe something more because I played in Germany and gained some experience but still an assistant. I want people to know, “said a 40-year-old coach.

In Turkey, Terek Groznyj (4th team of the Russian leagues), Macedonian leader Vardar Skopje and ex-Serbia’s Anj Machachkal were among them. He has scored 8 goals in a row against strong opponents! It will not be so hot with the weakened offensive…