Eleven goals in Trenčín: Dukla in the masked jerseys shot Poprad

TRENČÍN – Trenčania had a fairy tale entry. In the sixth minute they used two hesitations in the defense of Poprad. Hudec first got to the puck and Sidora opened a score above Sidora. A moment later he added the second goal of Lipták when he shot the goalie and the puck dipped behind the goal line. The third goal was in the power of the Mikula hockey stick, but before the open gate, the puck hit badly. Dukla continued in the canonade even in weakness. Mikula pressed in front of Sidor, and in front of his legs he corrected his previous hesitation. The goal of the opening game ended in 15 minutes Bagin when his shot from the blue line surprisingly ended in the net.

Poprad, despite the bad score, continued the active game.Palocko stamped the Lašák gate construction and the home goalie’s crooked scared off the intersection. Paradoxically, Dukla added a goal. Novanovsky’s shot was Toman, but he had to decide the video. 29 minutes into the match, the experienced Kroták made it 1 – 5. This is what you have to say, but in the following moments and chances, Lašák has always been there.

The minutes when Lapshans spoke to Lašák, drawing a scream of hope under the top of his head. He did, however, shuffle eight and a half minutes before Mikula’s end when he did not give Sidor a chance. The same player in the 52nd minute came close to the Hetrik when he nearly overcame the disoriented Sidora.The guests, however, woke up another four minutes before the end, when Bagn missed the Lapansky miss. The goal added to Sýkora in 58 minutes and finished 7: 4.

Milan Staš, coach Trenčín: “We could not have expected a better introduction. Four-goal leadership, however, did not guarantee victory. After that, we focused on defending. We could do it for a while. We fought three points for the last minute. It is a pity that we made the impression of the match with two cheap goals at the end. We have to learn how to play such games. “

Vladimir Turan, assistant to Poprad’s coach: “Today’s game was very bad for us.From the beginning we missed our hearts, skating and determination as in a match with Banská Bystrica. Today we have committed gross individual errors. We just put our opponent on a horse. They caught the chances and took advantage of it. I’m excited that we did not even get into a very unfavorable situation, and the result was snapped. “