Janmaat ultimately remain in the Premier League, won him Watford

Stiliyan PetrovDaryl Janmaat after Townsend with Wijnaldumem becoming the third player in Newcastle, which after relegation to the second division after all, remains among the elite. Unlike the other two nominated while bronze medalist from předloňského MS considered staying and jumped into the two League Championship match, four-year contract offer from Watford but could not resist …

The Dutch defender is preparing to transfer more than a week and was therefore already part of the last two league nominations Rafa Benitez. The signing of 27 year old right-back was also significantly strive West Ham in the final straight, however, proved to be purposeful Hornets.

The departure of the owner of 69 major league starts for the first time began to talk loudly after the incident at the end of last season, when frustrated Janmaat own after being relieved of Southampton, his hand on the wall and broke it.

Yet the defender then the cure immediately returned to the assembly for the last lap and had even reconcile with selected teammates.

Watford, however, came up with an interesting offer versatile: on the table was to land Newcastle package worth 10 million pounds, while the player himself was given one more chance to play Premier League.

The Hornets squad was on the right side of the defense will compete pair Allan Nordin Amrabat-Nyomi, in favor Janmaat, however, speak a wealth of experience with the game on three stoppers, which garnered both Feyenoord and the Dutch national team.