Just wait, wolves. The Futsalists of Chrudim have a gold medal

On Sunday, Chrudim will face the 10-time champion of the Chrudim, who managed to turn the gold first-league series from 0: 1 to 2: 1. Teplicka Balticflora beat the grandmaster twice in the main part, out 3: 2 and home 6: 1, and in the penalties he also shot the cup.

“We do not look for a coach’s change. Today we are able to defeat Teplice, which was not with coach Daniel, but we still benefit from something he brought.And some elements have changed, “Chrudim captain Lukáš Rešetár, who decided the third party. “We mainly played in the play-off and started to fight as one team.”

The Teplice cannonist Michal Salák, in the direction of Chrudim, sees mainly the return of the healed Roman Mares after a long-term injury. “It’s incredibly lifted,” says Salak. “I will not say what a man is – what he calls us, that’s a shame. But the futsalist is excellent. Moving, emphatic, no one is free. Unfortunately, the judges have another meter. We had two yellow cards now. He will say I cry again, but it is not. We are not crying and we are not afraid of them! “

There are other things that are different from the basics.One of them named Rešetar – and found it at his opponent. “I think Teplice made it a mistake not to play the game for more players. They have good boys, but Holý and Salák did not interfere in the first two games. And the forces are simply dwindling, “the defense captain feels. “It’s been stretching twice, and I’ve had a full teeth tonight. And I would say that I’m well trained. It’s their thing, but we’re making more people and we have more strength. “

In the season, Salak praised that playing coach Giva does not only betray the futsalists he brought and that he does not give the Bohemians to seclusion. “But it’s hard, it’s ten, and we’re all good.He does not like anyone if he does not play, but this time we and the strangers are a bunch, so we accept it, “he said.

And his current look? “For me, the final is special, unfortunately I do not have space,” Salak is sorry. Only at the end of the third final match was finally on board. “It’s up to the coach, he believes in his players. But maybe I did when I played power play and power play. I hope I will get more pleasure. I played almost every game in the season, I’m the second best shooter – and I’m still sitting. “

Even the speech of the ice hockey idol Jiří Šleg in front of the crowded Balticfloor hall did not help. Chrudim is gold closer. “We were sure that we will get one of three matches in Teplice and we will not play at home. Which will be enough for the title.We make the plan at 90 per cent, the ten we have to go home, “says Chancelim Researcher. But also the warm-eyed Salak: “We have won twice this year in Chrudim, we can again. We want to return the final to our audience! “