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so that existed , crisis which in spectacular the form influenced Tuesday’s field hockey game extraligy among our plzeň and Brno. Bad, two time the fall of correct period joy vstřelila Comet in house 1:1 goal what it same sudí neuznali. The Board of judges today he said that the important arbitr novel Freedom deficiency and crossed out him implementation in four competitive matches.

People feed Comet Dmitry Germany sent football back Matthew Machovského, sudí first presented gate to coat goal, but later, after mutual AIDS carried your verdict back.

The reason? The apparent position of forvarda Brno Nicholas Haščáka in the crease. But the Commission mediators on platform video came up project that Haščák come in the fold but after , latest, when the blade crossed the goal line. Slovakian striker at this neovlivnil previous brankářův procedure.

“When under observation that defects niepoznane to wrap was difficult and was close prestige final match potrestala Commission judges the primary of the Novels Freedom creating activities four extraligová match, which currently existed delegován”, study in typical statement.

Coach Comet Libor Zábranský likewise it svěřenci immediately tried sudího Freedom to persuade, let comes on full the character stwierdź on video. Then such things mediator may have.

In replacement management extraligy we the current that to to make in video appear to peculiar questionable of the situation” – said resulted of the past leading Council of the judges of the Czech Union of ice hockey Vladimir Šindler.

Instead to recognize the opposite goal Haščák got dvouminutový punishment for the attack, because Machovského received to wrinkle and conflict gives to avoid. In camp in this held arbitration along with values clothing fine and that is it is important or blade today currently surpassed the goal line.

Right sudí decided at least resistance common design receives 14. minute, because the video is real that Haščák accepted view fold up to besides intended for free blade and said myocardial attacking position politicians in the crease.