Lippi: Barcelona will be in shock. He never has not faced such a solid team

BRATISLAVA. According to a study by MasterCard roughly every third fan at least once threw the infirmary – to see football. Therefore plays from the 2010 Champions League final on Saturday, and not Wednesday as previously customary.

are most passionate Italians and Spaniards. And it is their champions Juventus and Barcelona today (at 20.45) will meet in the final of the most prestigious competition of clubs.

Nine out of ten Spanish enthusiasts are willing to Favorites teams travel abroad. And there spend an average of almost 630 euros, the highest in Europe.Up to 69 percent of Italians are to justify the football family celebrations.

Tickets for the Berlin final ranged from 70 to 396 euros on the black market and were sold for three thousand eur.Promo video before final between Barcelona and Juventus.

An avid fan of Juventus-year old Nicolo De Marchi after ticket from Turin to Berlin went more than a thousand kilometers. By foot. Journey to last nine days.

Treading an average of nearly 130 km per day.When it learned about Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has vowed his ticket zariadi.Prerobil club

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