Moravcová as a model: The pool was replaced by a showroom

BRATISLAVA – The Redute in Bratislava celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Herial Ladies Club, organized by the presenter Alena Heriban. Also part of the rich program was a show in which Martina Moravcová swim was presented in the role of the model. And it was incredible landing on the pier.In addition, she helped with good things.  Alena Kánová devoted to the medal auction

 Alena Kánová dedicated the medal auction

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  • Martina Moravcová role model

    The bronze medal Alena Kánová, Slovak paralympic representative in table tennis.The medal after auctioning finally bid for the sum of 10,500 euros. The auction proceeds to one of the Cancer League projects. Its President MUDr. Eve Sirackej, her successful paralympion had given her some time ago.

    “I knew from Beijing that the next medal would go good and since I met Dr.

    Siracki, I was sure she would be in good hands. Sell ​​it and use money to fight cancer We have decided together. The auction was exciting and I was very kindly surprised at how much my medal was eventually auctioned.So thank you all for the interest and organization of this auction, “Alena Kánová said,