Piešťany did not have a chance at home, and Košice scored five goals

PIEŠŤANY – The home “havrani” welcomed the vicemajstra and the leading team of the table from Kosice on their ice and, without respect, they left for them. Already in the middle of the 3rd minute Haring drew on the right side, he beat Biro and sent the home team to the lead 1: 0.

The guests could sort out for a moment, but Marcinko did not push the puck behind Tom. In the 8th minute Košice played the game, but the home side was successful. Even before the end of the first part, the guests had a great advantage: Spilar was in the band but found Tomek in the home team. Kosiceam managed to score in the last minute when he pushed his left in front of Marcinko and overturned Tomek – 1: 1.

In the third third, the guests checked the progress of the match and the home was constantly troubled. I did not even beat them in the power games. On the other hand, Košice in the 52nd minute took advantage of the numerous advantage when Pešek was eliminated, Jenčík asserted.The score of the 5: 1 meeting for the guests closed in the last minute of Spilar when it was passed over the middle zone and the bekhendom crossed the concrete over Tomek.

ŠHK 37 Piešťany – HC Košice 1: 5 (1: 1, 0: 2, 0: 2)
Goals: 3. Biro (Haring, Peško) – 20. T. Marcinko (Sojčík) 23. Hrnka (Cebák, Svatoš) Marcinko (Sojčík, Bicek), 52. R. Jenčík (Spilar, P. Bartoš), 60. Spilar (Cebák)
Shots: 4: 7 in 2 minutes, extra: Lušňák (Piešťany) 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, , A. Hruška, Drgoň, R. Filip, Skadra, Biro – Lušňák, Holovič, Stupka – Bučka, Mišura, V. Nemec – S.Saliji, Hamrak, Chylo – Haring, Peško, Románek

Košice: Riečický – Klouček, M. Macejko, Štrbák, Deyl, Šeda, Cebák, M. Kolba, M. Takac – Sojcik, T. Marcinko, Bicek – R. Jenčík, P. Bartoš, Spilar – Svatoš, Češík, Hrnka – Matúš Chovan, Boltun, Jokeľ

Milan Klement, coach Piešťan: b> “We had a good start, we scored a goal, but at the end of the third we let the opponent level up, the second third was bad, we got two quick goals, we tried to do something, but it was not possible, we did not use the four- where we only won the shooting spot. Kosice confirmed their quality, good defense, dangerous attacks.We wanted to end the year with another result, but we need to recognize the quality of the opponent. “

Anton Tomko, Coach Coach: ” We saw a very good match. He had a charge, deployment, went up and down for sixty minutes. I have to say that for Piešťany the result is cruel. He played really perfect hockey, the more he enjoys the victory. Our game was organized, it was important that we did not get involved in weaknesses. It encouraged us and we added goals. “