Slavia tries in Brussels dramatize duel with Anderlecht

rapidSlavista waits Thursday reprisal fourth preliminary round of the Europa League to land Anderlecht. The procedure is a red-white after a home defeat 0: 3 dramatically withdrew in Belgium, but would still like double-header against the favorite to dramatize. At a minimum, they want to get points in the coefficient. The match starts at 20:00.

“That we are at home lost 0: 3, that’s too bad. Always a chance, but here is very small,” he told reporters before flying to Brussels coach Dusan Uhrin younger. “We want to win and we will see by the course, if we got something more. We want to say goodbye with dignity when we say goodbye. We will do everything we scored in the coefficient. We will play offensively,” said coach Slavic.

Locals, who this year returned to the European Cup after almost seven years, most recently on the European stage win out in August 2007 in the qualifying round of the Champions League to land Ajax Amsterdam 1: 0th

“Very real progress is probably not. We’d be very lucky. I think that these 15 percent is our chance, not something extra large,” said midfielder Josef Hušbauer, who should return to the assembly after the expiration of sentence for a yellow card, which He served in the first duel.

Slavia in the opening match Anderlecht in the first half, played at times, but after changing sides quickly cashed, and then came the collapse. “After the game we talked about that we made any mistakes while those scoring twice. The first half we played more responsible than the other. Now I will definitely be slightly different arrangement,” said Uhrin.

Locals know that dramatized the need to score first. “If we got the first goal, it would be about two. Everybody’s nervous when the opponent tighten. We’ll see,” said Uhrin. “The ideal scenario would be the fifth minute quick goal, in the second half, in the 93rd minute at 3: 0 and the fourth extension,” said Hušbauer.

While Slavia in rehearsal for retaliation won 3: 0 against Pribram Anderlecht in the Belgian league just tied 2: 2 in the attic Eupen. “I do not have any extra in the league the fit. Whenever mančaft make a good result there, it can happen that a little underestimate,” said Hušbauer.

Anderlecht but refuses to underestimate. “It would be a mistake to think that we can rely in retaliation for his lead. We will do everything we can to win at home,” said the coach, “violets” René Weiler.

The injury did not depart Praguers Jasmin Šćuk, Simon Deli and Luke Železník. Conversely, not lack defender Dušan Švento and team manager Stanislav Vlcek, who alone played the previous mutual duel in Anderlecht eleven years ago. Locals then in the opening match of the Champions League qualifying round, they lost 1: 2 and after successive home defeat 0: 2 did not make it.