Stellar Vonn win again, Ledecká celebrates life’s maximum

Already at the second start after an almost pause and November hand operation, American star Lindsey Vonn won the World Cup. The four-time winner of the series was the fastest at today’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen congress and scored her 77th career victory. It was in Ga-Pa last February that the last triumph was celebrated. Ester Ledecká took the 13th place and improved her life maximum in the Ski World Cup. From the elite dozens it was divided by 42 hundredths. Ester Ledecká took the thirteenth place at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen congress and, despite the previous health problems, she had a race in the World Cup skiing. World Champion to Snowboarding was the 19th in the Super Bowl Slalom in Lake Louise in December.In the German center where she scored her debut in the SP last night, Ledecka today shared 42th of the elite.

Ledecká stayed 1.70 seconds behind the winning American star Lindsey Vonna, who already triumphed in the second start After almost a year pause and a November hand operation. The Czech skier ran through the elite with a starting number of 46, although it was weakened after a flu shot, and coach Tomáš Bank did not start or recommend it.

“It’s strange, I really would not have expected it, especially after the few heavy Days, “Lecce said. “But I decided I was going to go, I made the most of it and knew there were no excuses. I am very happy about it, I enjoyed the ride.I had really great support from the whole team, they all worked fantastically, “said Ledecká, who helped the former best Czech skier Ondrej Bank in Ga-Pa. On Friday, he was discussing two hours of video with her on Friday To find the best track on the track. “Unfortunately, I was not able to practice because of my condition, but he was with me on the tour, he told me a lot of things from the point of view of the racer. It’s a great helper, “said Ledecká.

She is feeling well and is going to be on Sunday super-slalom too.” I have not been back for a long time, so good, “she said with a smile. . I have grown up in the morning with cheese, cheese, I drank about a liter of cake at the start before I started eating chocolate. It seemed to me that I was barely stunned at the start, that I was scolded.But she obviously helped me, “she said.

Vonn approaching Stenmark

The four-time winner of the Vonn series celebrated her 77th career victory. The last triumph.

A week ago in Zauchensee on a repeated postponement, the thirty-two-year-old Vonn was thirteen, this time on the famous Kandahar left behind all the opponents, the biggest was Switzerland Laura Gut who was slower by 15th of a second , The third ended with the pleasure of the domestic audience of German Viktoria Rebensburg.

Vonna now divides only nine triumphs from Ingemara Stenmarka from Sweden in the number of cup winnings from Sweden.Career in the race and back in the role of one of the world championships that will start in Svatý Mořice on February 6.

The leadership in the cup series of discipline continues to be the Slovenian winner of the three downhill runs of Ilce Štuhecová season, whose position “


1. Vonn (USA) 1: 43.41, 2. Gut (Swiss) -0.15, 3. Rebensburg (German) -0.48, 4. Siebenhoferová (Rak.) -0.59, 5. Goggia It.) -0.88, 6. Schmidhofer (Rak.) -0.92, 7. Sutero (Swiss) -1.04, 8. Stuchecová (Slovin.) -1.13, 9. Weiratherová (Licht. ) -1.18, 10. Haaser (AUT) -1.28,…13.Ledecká (ČR) -1,70.

Consecutive order of the congress SP (after 5 out of 8 races): 1. Štuhecová 377, 2. Gutová 260, 3. Goggiaová 220, 4. Weiratherová 188, 5. Scheyerová (Rak.) 150, 6. Schnarfová (It.) 147,…28. Ledecká 37.

Instant order SP (after 21 out of 37 races): 1. Shiffrinová (USA) 1008, 2. Gutová 773, 3. Štuhecová 616, 4. Goggiaová 605 , 5. Worley (Fr.) 563, 6. Holdener (Switzerland) 515,…13. Strachová (Czech Republic) 267, 68. Ledecká 49, 92. Dubovská (Czech Republic) 13.