SUMMARY OF LOH Rio, Day 13: Bolt added gold, medals for the Czech Republic

Barbora Špotáková won the bronze Olympic medal! The Czech gold fighter did not defend the gold from Beijing and London, but it still scored a great result. Another hope Zuzana Hejnová finished fourth in the 400 meters obstacle race when the third position came in the last few meters. The phenomenal sprinter Usain Bolt won the eighth Olympic gold medal in his career when he took control of the track at 200 meters. The course of all the competitions we watched ONLINE.

5:15 DIRECT FROM RIA | Barbora Špotáková, the sharpshooter, has not been there for a long time. After her spring spells when she broke her leg and did not know if she could make her way, she celebrated another medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

After two golds this is bronze at the time of the 64.80.But with a touch of gold that eventually celebrated Croatian Sara Kolak. “So we’re the third and cowboy!” She screamed when she came to journalists. And she was helped by a teddy bear from her son, Janka, named Pied. 4:55 DIRECT FROM RIA | No regret. Hurdle Zuzana Hejnová ended in the 4th Olympic finals in Rio and with 53.92 seconds she missed two tenths of the medal. But after finishing, she worked smoothly. “I have done the most,” said Hejna, who was pulling the training mankind after the spring injuries of the achilles most of this season. 4:21 Beach volleyball – Men, 3 rd. Boston, Meeuwsen (NL) – Krasilnikov, Semjonov (RUS) 2: 0 (21, 20).

05:00 FINAL: Alison, Bruno Schmidt (Nicolai, Lupo (It.)

4:03 Jordanian taekwondist defeated Russia’s Denisek in the 68 kg category and won the first Olympic Medal.

3:41 Jamaican Usain Bolt won the Sprinter Double in the third Olympic Games. After a hundred, he triumphed in Rio de Janeiro on a double track and won his eighth Olympic gold medal. In Beijing 2008 and London 2012, he added both triumphs in the relay and in Brazil he can still repeat it.

Bolt won in 19.78 seconds, no one else in the final under the 20 seconds.In the absence of American Justin Gatlin, who did not win the semifinals, second Canadian Andre de Grasse finished and added silver to bronze in the hundreds. The third runner was Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre.

3:29 Norwegian does not hurt victory at the Olympic handball tournament. In the semifinals they have succumbed to the Russians 37:38 in an extension and will play a bronze with the Netherlands.

3:21 Zuzana Hejnová was the fourth in the Olympic finals 400 m hurdles. From the defense of the bronze, it divided two tenths.

3:18 The 64.80 meters of the penultimate series was twelve centimeters apart from the silver won by Sunette Viljoen from South Africa. The champion became the youngest participant in the final of Sara Kolaková from Croatia with a throw of 66.18.

 The Czech flipper Barbora Špotáková celebrates the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio

3:11 Adam Sebastian Helcelet took the Olympic Games at Decathlon In Rio de Janeiro 12th place in personal record 8291 points.The current maximum has improved by 39 points. The victory was defeated by American Ashton Eaton, who scored 8893 points against the Olympic record of Roman Šebrle from Athens in 2004.

The French won Kevin Mayer in the national record of 8834 points, the third ended by Damian Warner from Canada (8666). The second Czech representative at the start of Jiří Sykora did not complete the competition.

3:04 64,80! 2:56 It is still not the same . The fourth attempt Barbora Špotáková flew to 61.25 meters , is not enough for the medal.

2:50 Barbora Špotáková did not escape.

2:34 The Olympic Champion of the Balls has become an American Ryan Crouser . The first medal of a major career competition helped him with an Olympic record of 22.52 meters.

2:25 Barbora Špotáková

2:12 American basketball players in the semi-final of the Olympic Games have won their toughest result in the tournament, but continue in the winning line And moved to the final.In Rio de Janeiro defeated France 86:67 and the sixth set of gold medals will play with Spain.

2:05 One of the most anticipated Olympic disciplines for the Czech Republic starts!The Barbora Špotáková is already fighting in the jargon sector with a record third gold medal. 1:55 Jakub Holuša to take part in a 1500-meter final event at the Olympic Games ONLINE race transfer HERE » In Rio de Janeiro did not reach. The Czech record player in the semifinals run took ninth place in time 3: 40.83 minutes. The participation in the fight for the medal was directly guaranteed by five runners and the other two with time, so Holuša had a sad security before the start of the second run.

1:42 Adam Sebastian Helcelet Throwing a javelin improved his personal record to 68.20 meters, and before the last discipline of the Decathlon at the Olympics, he approached elite ten.In 11th place he has 7575 points, and only five are divided by Luiza de Araúja from Brazil, with only two more points by 9th Kurt Felix of Grenada. In addition, the Cuban Leonel Suarez (72.32) and Felix (69.92) were fired by the Czech desetibojar.

1:30 About 1,500 men will start the semifinals in about fifteen minutes. The Czech Racer Jakub Holuša

0:41 Canadian wrestler Erica Wiebe The first big medal.After the final victory over Kazakh, Guzel Manjurov takes gold.

23:56 The Brazilian police have recommended a prosecutor to sue American swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen 23:04 Argentine Ground Hockey Players have made their campaign in Rio de Janeiro for the premiere Olympic medal Gold. In the final they defeated Belgium 4: 2. On the bronze, after the triumphs of the last two Olympics, the Germans, who in the duel of 3.Instead of the Netherlands in the final retreat from London after a 1: 1 undefeated score to a 4: 3 penalty.

22:48 The weight category of 63 kg, At OH in Rio de Janeiro Adéla Hanzlíčková , dominated Japan Risako Kawai .

22:34 French handball players won the semifinals The Olympic tournament in Rio de Janeiro over the ruling vicemans of the world by the Netherlands 24:23 and for the first time in the history under five circles will receive a medal.On the gold, the French will compete in the Saturday final with the winners of the match between the defending tribesmen Norka and Russia.

22:17 The fifteen-year-old Woman of China won the jumps in the water from The 10-meter tower and ensured gold in China in the women’s fourth Olympic ski jumping contest in Rio.

22:12 Modern Pentathlon David Svoboda started the Olympic Gold Seven A place in the opening part of the fencing. European Champion Jan Kuf is thirteenth in Rio de Janeiro, Barbora Koded is the tenth place in the women’s competition.

The women’s competition continues on Friday with a swim, then the novel, the so-called bonus round in fencing, and culminates traditionally with a parody. During combined shooting.Men are running this schedule after a day off on Saturday.

The Olympic winner from London, Svoboda, had 21 prizes and 14 defeats for 226 points. The winner of the July European Championship in Sofia Kuf scored 19 wins and 16 losses and had 214 points.

22:00 Spanish basketball players have a first Olympic medal. In the semifinals of Rio de Janeiro, the European Champion beat Serbian 68:54 and on Saturday they play gold with the winner of the second semifinal match between the Americans and France. In the final, Czech champion USK Praha will be twice represented, for which Laia Palauová and Marta Xargayová play for Spain.

21:19 Adam Helcelet stayed in the Olympic Decathlon eleventh after the jump Rod.On tenth Cuban Suarez loses 66 points. It’s still American Eaton.

21:09 The golfer Klára Spilková played two wounds in the second round of the Olympic tournament. With the overall score of +8, Rio de Janeiro has gone down and is 52nd. In the lead, Korea’s former first in-line Pak In-pe with 10 wounds under par. The wound behind her is the winner of two majors Stacy Lewis from the USA who needed the next day for 18 holes of great 63 wounds. 19:44 Moldovan canoeist Serghei Tarnovschi , the bronze medalist from the 1000m Olympic race, in which Martin Fuksa was the sixth, did not pass the doping control before the competition. It has been announced by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and the nineteen-year-old Ukrainian native stopped working.Tarnovschi was supposed to introduce himself to Rio in kilometer in Deblkano together with his older brother Olegem, who was to belong to the rivals of Czech crew Jaroslav Radon, Filip Dvorak. If Tarnovschi is expected to come to the medal, it will be originally the fourth Russian Ilja Štokalov. Fuksa should move to fifth position.

18:14 The British Bronwlee’s siblings like four years ago conquered the Olympic triathlon race. Gold today in Rio de Janeiro was defended by the older Alistair, younger Jonathan this time improved his position from London by one point and won silver.The third goal was South African Henri Schoeman.

18:00 Everything is different! Four American swimmers, including the Star Ryan Lochte, were convicted by the investigators for lying about a robbery assault. They had allegedly armed with police officers to collect money and telephones. As the investigations have shown, athletes, in fact, have drunk a toilet at the gas station, refused to pay for damage, and got into a fight with a local security officer. Read More

17:30 Although Sebastian Helcelet , with a power of 44.13m throw, he has lagged behind his options, but In the Olympic competition he has improved to 11.

17:20 Bearing Izzat Artykov from Kyrgyzstan, a bronze medalist of up to 69kg at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Test for strychnine and was disqualified. Twenty-one-year-old sinner is the first medalist of the game that did not pass the doping test. He’ll come to his five-circle premiere medal, his accreditation was removed and he was immediately expelled from the Olympics.

17:09 It was her life race. She allowed herself to embroider Czech colors, she was looking forward to, but after three minutes she left the hall in tears. “I do not even know what happened. Like I was not myself. I waited awkwardly for her fault.I do not even know what happened, “she admitted among the journalists Adéla Hanzlíčková, after being the first Czech wrestler in the Olympic history to succumb to a technical superiority in the duel with Henna Katana Johansson.Read the entire conversation HERE & gt; & gt;

Itemtype = “”>  Czech wrestler Adéla Hanzlíčková succumbed to Rio de Janeiro in Sweden by Henna Katarina Johansson > 16:48 The eighteen-year-old Michaela Hrubá did not make the final at OH.In the qualifying after four successful attempts she missed the required limit of 194 cm.

16:03 J one year old Czech wrestler at the Olympic Games Adéla Hanzlíčková lost in Rio de Janeiro His first duel. Swedish driver Henry Katarina Johansson has succumbed to the technically superior category in the eighth category. Mladá Boleslav will be able to present theoretically in the competition as soon as Johansson gets to the final.

15:34 Koulař Tomáš Staněk has not finished the final. In Rio, he threw 19.76 meters, and it is certain that he will not be among the top twelve.

15:17 Hungary Danuta Kozáková Gold medal from the London Games on the 500 meter track.

15:02 Decathlon Adam Sebastian Helcelet after the opening discipline of the second day of the Olympic competition improved to twelfth place.

14:52 Spaniels Saul Craviotto and Cristian Toro took control of the 200m skiers on the sprinter track.

14:30 Canoe Jurij Čeban from Ukraine Defending on the 200 meter gold medal at the London Olympic medal.

Martin Fuksa won the finals of the B Olympic Tournament in Rio de Janeiro on the sprinter track of 200 meters.He finished the ninth overall.

The 22-year-old Fuksa, the sixth man in the 1000m race, presented himself in the 9th to 16th place After confusion with the results of Wednesday’s semifinals.The organizers first placed it in the final, after two hours, but after two hours they changed their decision. 14:19 The German debtors Max Rendschmidt and Marcus Gross won at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro gold medal in a 1000 meters race.

14:07 Martin Fuksa just did not get to the main finals, and in a moment he will fight for the best place in the finals Losers! Watch ONLINE here & gt; & gt; & gt;

//”>Martin Fuksa in the Olympic semifinals on the two-hundreds Martin Fuksa in the Olympic semifinals on the two-seater


14:04 Deblkajakáři Daniel Havel and Jan Štěrba took the final fourth place in the finals of the B Olympic Tournament on the kilometers race, totaling twelve. P> 13:27 Klara Spilkova continues her four-day golf game.ONLINE Watch here & gt; & gt; & gt;

13:11 The Czech javelin superpowers! All three of Jan Jelezny’s coaches have been nominated for the Olympic Final and they have all shown strong nerves. Petr Frydrych (83,60), Jakub Vadlejch (83,27) and Vítězslav Veselý (82,85) finished their final attempt. Read more here & gt; & gt; & gt;

12:48 Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst owe the Olympic gold from Rio not only to their volleyball skills, but also the art of coach Jürgen Wagner. Four years ago in London, he led to a unexpected title a German male couple, tonight at Copacabana he celebrated a double with beach volleyball players from Hamburg.

12:25 There is a great day of Czech athletics in Rio.Zuzana Hejn goes on a Friday night in Central European time to a 400-meter-high final of the run and makes the prospect of a medal attack. Look at the biggest rivals of the Czech obstacle & gt; & gt; & gt;

11:09 Diyarara Darja Klišinová enjoyed the Olympic competition in Rio de Janeiro even though it did not get on Wednesday Narrower final and 663 centimeters in the ninth place. The only Russian athlete who had been able to start in Brazil was praised by the audience and the rivals, for example, by Julie Jefimova’s swimmer.

10:59 While athletes Al Oerter Carl Lewis and swimmer Michael Phelps are among the sports legends, Japan’s Kaori Ichos knows only a few.The unbeatable wrestler, like all three American stars, has four gold medals in one discipline.

Authorities withheld at the airport and prevented them from returning to the US. More read here & gt; & gt; & gt;

10:39 Sebastian Helcelet, Recollection received photos of his scraped body taken by Dutch photographer Paul Van Der Linde. Read more here & gt; & gt;

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