The anger of Czech Omska Coach: The Slovak Baran is afraid of what will happen to him

BRATISLAVA – The Twelfth Place of the Eastern Conference means dissatisfaction.Because Avantgard Omsk has one of the highest budgets in the whole KHL, he was thinking of the title before the season and is now far away from playoff.

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  • , anger and disappointment – such feelings literally came out of the guest cabin after the match. And it was also feeling on the angry and disgusting 28-year-old Slovak defender Ivan Baranko.

    How did he feel after the match in Bratislava? “As with the last five games, we have only scored six goals. This can not be won if we can not score a goal.We can have 40 strikes for the match, but when we can not turn them into a goal…We turned away from us, we are shooting sticks, “ was looking for a defensive defender. There was a great disgust of his voice, the words searched only slowly. “We can not fall on the spirit, I believe it will break.”

    And Czech coach Rih was angry after the game in the cab. “

    < “You never know what it is, the club has one of the biggest budgets in the league, and if it fails, is bad.I signed the contract before the season as one of the last, I did not really know what I was saying, “ admitted.

    Before joining Omsk he played four seasons in Spartacus Moscow, season in Ufe. A month ago, Říh fired Barankova’s compatriot Tomáš Záborský, instead of Stephan Ružička, who did not play for injury in Bratislava. “I do not know what was there, I did not see any exchange of views between him and the coach. “

    Czech coach Milos Říh admitted anger and disillusionment over the performance of his teammates. “We should have won, unambiguously. We should win over Slovan. But the will can not be trained.I do not know if I have to put my head on or what, “ said.