The Chinese became a hit, then broke the storm. She talked about menstruation in Rio

Sincere, ready, funny and smiling. Such athletes are not used to such Chinese athletes. That is why Fu Yuan-chuei, who won the 100-meter bronze at the Olympics in Rio, had a sensation of the Internet last week. On Sunday, this sympathetic girl broke down (not only) the Chinese Internet again when she broke one of the latest sports taboos – she spoke of menstruation.

Her Riyam talks became a hit. “I had to use my prehistoric mystical powers,” the BBC reported in the Chinese TV camera following the final round. “No expectations. I am completely satisfied now, “she added with disarming sincerity.

And when she added incredible facial expressions after the bronze finale, the internet stunt was in the world.Her Twitter account for Twitter, Sina Weibo, has taken several million users for two days, and for people with her immediacy and openness it has become a heroine overnight.

The story of Fu Yuan-huey has a slightly more serious sequel. When on Sunday, the Chinese stayed just behind the medal at the 4×100 meter relay station, three of her girls played the TV interview, but Fu was not with them. >

I was not good enough.

The reporter asked her horrified if she was fine. “This time I did not play well enough,” Fu said, apologizing to her teammate.And then, with her sincerity, she added: “Yesterday I got menstruation, so I felt particularly tired – but that’s not the reason I did not do it well enough.”

At that point, she started on social networks literally shuddering. If there is little talk about menstruation (not only) in sport in Europe or America, it’s an absolute taboo in China.

“I really admire Fu Jüan-chuei for swimming even though she had moons – women The menstrual cycle can be affected, especially by the pain…She felt guilty for the fourth place, but Fu, we are still very proud of you, “TAO wrote to Sina Weibo.

The wild discussion broke down on the topic , Which would not have occurred to anyone in the Czech Republic: the use of tampons.According to a BBC study, only two percent of women use a tampon in China, compared with about 42 percent in the United States. Someone told Fu she was lying and asked how she could go into the water, When she had a period, “Dvingnew wrote on the social network. “The Chinese have prejudices about tampons – I, like a woman over 30, have been ignorant and full of fear of tampons until recently,” she admitted under the influence of a young swimmer.

VIDEO | Take a look at the smile reaction of Fu after the bronze medal

That by using tampons a woman can lose virginity. No Chinese company has produced this basic hygienic aid – only one company is going to do it and it is said that it wants to focus on a sportsman.

So a sloppy young swimmer may move his land more than some politicians.And that’s why it’s not just the funny-looking little girl, but for many people it has become a hero and a model.