The famous Knicks do it! Club legend in handcuffs, fans go against the owner

The renowned New York Knicks brand gets the basketball NBA right behind her ears. Not only is the team well below the turn to play off and the club president is openly opposed to the biggest star of the team. New fans are fighting war against James Dolan’s owner. The last part of the sad story opened the arrest of Charles Oakley’s legend during the Knicks homecoming and his lifelong ban on entering the hall. Since then it has been in Madison Square Garden.

For ten years, Charles Oakley has been the heart of the New York Knicks. He helped them into the NBA final, he was among the best riders in the league.It all cleared the club last Wednesday during a scene after which Oakley ended up in the clasps closed at the police station; Scenes that lifted her legs without exaggeration to the NBA.

“It was my head that I would run there (on the tribune). But then I say: what would I do about it? “Said Doc Rivers, coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, who played the night in New York against Knicks.


During their active career, Rivers dressed in the Knicks at a time when their cloak was commanded by Oakley.In spite of his disappointment, director Spike Lee, one of the most famous fans of the Knicks, who belongs to home matches in Madison Square Garden, is in a hurry. On the Sunday match against San Antonio he wore a 34-piece jersey that Oakley wore.

“That’s all I can do,” he said. During a match in which Knicks was struggling with Clippers, Oakley took the club owner James Dolan’s shot. He loudly begged him to say where the organization was leading.He publicly ventilated what the Knicks community is living in: the off-play placement is the smallest problem for the team now that he is asking for a clear vision for the coming years, and that in a dispute between Phil Jackson (NBA legend and President NY Knicks) and Carmelo Anthony (the biggest star of the team) should be Jackson who should leave.

“I would personally help him pack the suitcases,” Spike Lee added to Jackson’s address.

But Oakley used the dictionary and the form that gave Dolan an excuse to let him out of Madison Square Garden.Roughly a dozen security officers dragged the former player out of his seat, folded him to the ground, the police put his handcuffs on him, and Oakley finished behind bars.

Dolan later portrayed him as an alcoholic.

“Oakley argued.

Can the whole saga still suffer? But sure. The Knicks could not react much worse in the season they did not manage to do. Oakley, following the arrest, must not go to Madison Square Garden by the end of his life, even if he bought a ticket. Instead of the incident, the head of the security was also a head of security.

Fans in New York, as Phil Jackson treats Carmel Anthony, who is expecting a treasure every day, immediately turned against Dolan.Charles Oak-ley! “Echoes not only when playing the Knicks, but also in the hockey games of the New York Rangers.

Oakley has a hold of the current NBA stars. “It’s been ten years for the club to do everything, and it’s going to be his face-to-ground arrest in the same arena where he played,” Dwyane Wade said. Chris Paul or LeBron James also supported him.

Spike Lee said the latest shame even can discourage players from playing for New York Knicks. “Who wants to come here?” He asked. Dolan showed his 34-piece jersey on his body, and the team invariably vehemently encouraged.Knicks on Sunday in a really harsh atmosphere defeated San Antonio Spurs.

And to keep it a bit, owner Dolan also spoke of another salvo when he invited former Latrell Sprewel, a man whose departure from Knicks had allegedly arranged himself and had a lot of slogan with him during his career.

He had to swallow a lot of boredom that Sprewell had been addressing after the New York expedition to show how he had excellent relationships with his former supporters. But not with all his luck soon turned out.

A certain Vin Baker played just 41 games for Knicks and Dolan also called him if he did not want to come up with a San Antonio match And sit near him.

“He sounded very sad.I did not talk to him for fifteen years…”Baker asked.

He did not accept the invitation.