The surprise did not happen, Koukal passed Solnicki and has the 18th title

Jan Koukal won his eighteenth title at the squash championship in the Czech Republic on Sunday. In the final, he made a 3-0 tie to Jakub Solnicky after a clear run. The goal of Koukal is to win twenty Republican triumphs. In the women’s final she was enjoying the premiere title Zuzana Kubáňová, which confirmed her position on the home ranking. In the five-thousandth battle defeated the second set Annu Serme.

The most dramatic moment of the men’s final was the second set. In it, Jakub Solnický from Ostrava led 8: 2 and then 9: 4.

But he looked at the course of the second set turned to 14:12. “It was probably my most difficult moment in the tournament. Solnický was totally based on everything. I was asleep, so I made it easy for him. I relied on not being able to play that way, which was confirmed.Then I watched it, “said Koukal, the winner of 34 PSA World Series tournaments.

For Solnicky, the progress to the final was a success. During the tournament, he managed to defeat the favorite squash players from Brno, Martin Švec quarterfinal and Daniela Mekbiba in the semi-finals in five sets. “I could not believe I did anything like that. In the final I did not want to give anything for free, but at first I was very nervous, the atmosphere at the glass court was fantastic, “added Solnicky, who ruled against Koukal with offensive tactics.

I wanted to play early on the ballot and try to end the exchange or shorten the game. In the second set I was not afraid, I was able to get under pressure.But then I made mistakes, and Honza is much more experienced in these situations. “

Before Sunday’s game, the Solniers’ Summit was the sixth place in the Republic Tournament, the quarterfinals. “I consider the Solnier’s progress to the final as the greatest surprise in the history of the championships,” said Koukal, who was not so happy with his game. “I’m delighted to have won the eighteenth title without losing the set, but the performance was not that good.” His goal is to win twenty Republic triumphs. Basically, Koukal wants to concentrate in squash. “I will not travel anywhere in the world tournaments; home titles for the next few years are a priority. I think I can win here for a while. “

The women’s final was thrilling.Zuzana Kubáňová and Anna Serme, who mostly live in France, got in. Kubáňová, who owns a republican and world title in racketon, had in the fourth set two medals. But you did not use it. “I forbade thinking at that moment, concentrating on myself, and not allowing myself to lose. Annika made a few mistakes in the end and it was probably about the end of physics, “Kubáňová said.

The fifth set then dominated 11: 9.In the match Kubáňová tried to move the opponent mainly. “I know that Anička is good at moving to the side, but the move forward is tiring more.”

The Kubáňová subordinate to the Republican title, even declared a public collection to participate in foreign Tournaments. “That opened my eyes to squash. Thank you very much to all the friends who supported me, I feel so amazing that I did it, “Kubáňová was delighted, who is looking forward to another goal – she would like to get to the top ten on the Czech badminton ranking. “It is said that I am a rocket woman, so I would like to confirm it,” Kubáňová laughed.

Championship of the Czech Republic in squash (Prague), final (men):
Jan Koukal – Jakub Solnický 3: 0 (3, 12, 7) Mekbib – Petr Martin 3: 0 (9, 6, 4). Women’s Final: Zuzana Kubáňová – Anna Serme 3: 2 (8, -6, 8, -12, 9) Third Place: Eva Feftekova – Veronika Gaultier 3 : 2 (-4, 12, -9, 8, 7).