The winning daviscup tradition goes – every day one point

BRATISLAVA – Result 1: 1 after the first day of the Davis Cup finals between Slovak and Croatian tennis players qualifies both parties and also shifts the results to Sunday. The captain of the two teams, however, also knows that Saturday’s double will be extremely important in terms of overall victory in the struggle for the salad bowl.

“According to the tradition, the winner of each day has to be one point, he repeated the zn & aacute; me daviscupov & eacute; Rule Dominik Hrbat & yacute ;. Slovakia & aacute; the unit on Friday reassured that Davis’ atmosphere of the atmosphere was set to be the equivalent of a world-renowned world scaron.Hrbat & eacute; triumfom nad Ančičem vylep & scaron; il your daviscupov & uacute; balance in a double at 22: 9, losing to the native tennis center for the last time; two years out of nine hundred battles only once. “You have to have the tennis, your country, the people and your loved ones, who are encouraged and encouraged, and then just fight,” the recipe for daviscupov & yacute recipe; & uacute; spech best & scaron; & iacute; Slovakia & yacute; hr & aacute; no.

day, in the Slovak Republic it is being filled this year so far 100%. At 1.the round against Scaron and the Scandinavian team in the Netherlands and in the semifinals against Argent & iacute did not lead Slovaacac, but after a scaron, they created a 2: 1, and finally they always reached the famous and successful end. In the scaron, he had three sculptures, and Karol Beck appeared in the courtyard next to Michal Mertien & Aacute. Now it’s going to be a knee injury. “Beck is a bit of a clue and a loss.” According to lek & aacute, Beck will be out of the box for a couple of weeks, many of which are not a thing of the past.Play bud & uacute; Mertin & aacute; ka Hrbat & eacute ;, “said E & scaron; te on Friday night Kapit & aacute; n Slovakia & eacute; it t & iacute; it Miloslav Sword & iacute; l.

Cro & aacute; I stand up and scaron; tvorhry good practice and uacute; pair Ivan Ljubičič – Mario Ančič, that the & CORPORATE composed as & iacute, v Davis Cup & scaron much, it does not lose a te m & CORPORATE W 4: 0. “By its hr & CORPORATE what ver & iacute; m. In this form they should win & scaron creators. It will be in & scaron if you are n & aacute; annual & eacute ;. Words and words but majestic; – just like us – big; motif & aacute; CIU, “said Cro & aacute; Children’s Kapit & aacute; n Niki Pilič. Sobotňaj & scaron; ia fin & aacute; hunting & aacute; & scaron; tvorhra is Sibamac and R & eacute; no NTC on the agenda at 15.00.Whether fin & aacute; win & uacute; Words & aacute; whether or CRO & aacute; those listed in & iacute; TAZOVE accurate as & iacute; inserted & scaron; ej tennis t & iacute; s & uacute acid benzyl ester; asks will be added new & eacute; name. Slovakia resp. CRO & aacute; tsko is 12. R & iacute; ťazom Davis poh & aacute; r in the You & scaron e centennial hist & oacute; RII.

The fin & aacute; le Davis Cup:
< br /> Saturday, December 3: 15:00 – & scaron; tvorhra
Dominik Hrbat & eacute ;, Michal Mertiň & aacute; k – Ivan Ljubičič, Mario Ančič

Sunday 4.December: 14.00 h – from & aacute; verecn & eacute; singles
Dominik Hrbat & yacute; – Ivan Ljubicic (0: 5), Karol Kučera – Mario Ancic (0: 0)

main & yacute; Arbitrator: Stefan Fransson (& Scaron; v & eacute; d.)
empajrov & iacute; Referees: Sandra de Jenkenov & aacute; Place: Sibamac ar & eacute; NTC, Bratislava (closed & br /> surface: hard & yacute; (Premier Court)
Balls: Dunlop Fort Duck