Valtr shone in the dunes, the aggressive Russian wants to print on the back of the Tatra logo

Jaroslav Valtr scored the best Czech result among trucks a year ago at the Dakar Rally. The colors of the Tatra Buggyra Racing finished eighth. After crossing the Roudnice stables, the Šternberk pilot this year for the first time on the competing Africa Eco Race, which is following the footsteps of the original Dakar. With Tatra Jamal of the Bonver Dakar Project, Valtr and Rostislav Plny and Filip Skrobánek have already won the first stage triumph. Overall, they are thriving in Africa, after eight stages holding a second place among the trucks. Tomas Tomecek is still the fourth.

Valtr has won his first gold medal in Africa in challenging dunes.In the seventh stage, it was the best.

“We managed to ride quite heavy dunes, surpassing both Russian crews,” Valtr said. “It was very difficult to navigate, this stage actually won Rosta,” he praised the Navigator of the Full. “Even the car worked perfectly, the hard chassis was great for this stage, but we will have to soften it a bit and take a little bit of it so we do not get such a shot at the front and the car lasted until Dakar.” Valtr also appreciated , As the experienced Tomáš Tomeček led in the heavy dunes. “I have to jump in front of him, he has gone through everything.” Due to the technical problems, Tomeček then dropped from third place between trucks to the fourth, but in the other dunes he wants to fight back. Valtr defends second place.Kargicova and Kamaz are losing two hours, intending to go to safety. “We’ve been less or less tactic since we’ve got the hinged axles on the front axle,” Valtr says. “So we agreed with the mechanics that given the fairly decent lead for the boys behind us, we will go somehow in peace. To keep silver up to the finish. “

Still, it’s not wild moments of emergency.In the eighth stage, Valtr had a minor collision with the pilot of a Russian person. “Some Bavarian (Victor Khoroshavtsev) made us a monster on a wide gravel road and shot all our glasses, including lights…When I arrived at the finish I was determined to jump on my back, but my co-drivers would stop me,” Valtr said with a laugh. “He was still laughing at the incident, so I told him I would probably forget to dine in the dunes tomorrow. He will start behind us, so I’ll put him in front of him and then add his BMW logo on the Tatra logo. “

In Africa he goes with Hummer of Offroadsport and Miroslav Zapletal. And he does not do wrong.In total, after eight rounds, it is continuously fifth. “Mirek could be even higher, but when he docked us today in the dunes, he tried to overtake us and shudder,” Valtr shrugged. “We did not know about him, so we could not help him.”